How to Remain Calm in Poker and Casino Games

How to Remain Calm in Poker and Casino Games
It is important to stay cool, calm, and collected when playing poker and other casino games

One of the main differences between players who win and those who lose at poker and casino games is their calmness. Those players who can remain calm in any situation are most likely to win, while those who are nervous, anxious and too excited are probably doomed.

Things at the poker table won’t always go the way you planned, so it’s very important not to lose control over your emotions and behavior in those situations. You need to make rational decisions and react fast, without overthinking. Here are a few helpful tips on how to remain calm during casino games.

Control your Emotions

Putting your emotions aside is not easy, but it’s definitely something you should work on if you want to succeed. The constant work is necessary because practice makes perfect. Acting as if you’re already where you want to be emotionally can help. You need to fake calmness until you really start feeling that you’re calm because it’s easier to change your behavior then your way of thinking. Changing your behavior, or acting as you are calm, will affect your way of thinking and you will actually manage to control your emotions eventually. Find a reference point for how to act, do the research, practice, and finally, use that behavior at the poker table. The goal is to look like you don’t care and to feel indifferent. Once you eliminate all your emotions, there will be enough space left for thinking rationally and making smart decisions.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Even though the main reason you’re playing poker or other casino game is probably to make some money, don’t forget to have fun in the meantime. Taking things to seriously and being tough on yourself when you make a mistake will only deepen your problems, and there is absolutely no need for that. Take things easy because putting unnecessary pressure on yourself can cause negative emotions and unreasonable decisions. When you experience bad beats don’t get discouraged, because the fact is that those players who are favorites have more bad beats than the average players. A sense of humor, self-esteem and realistic expectations are what a successful poker player needs to have. Try to enjoy playing poker even if you’re not winning, because that’s also one of the keys to achieving calmness.

Reacting the Other Players

Poker is a social game, and other people at the table can affect your calmness easily if you allow them. If you win, someone else has to lose and vice versa. Feeling guilty and bad for someone who lost because of your deception, is the worst reaction you can have. You need to realize that being a good poker player involves all sorts of manipulations, which doesn’t mean you’re a manipulative person in general, or that you want to harm others. If your opponents behave naive or irresponsible, it’s not your fault and don’t let it get to you. Think of all the game maneuvers as just parts of the game where the rules are the same for every player. There is no space for feeling guilty when you accept that poker is just like any other game.


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