Top Casino Dice Games

Top Casino Dice Games
Introducing some of the most popular and beloved casino games played using the dice

Casino dice games use one or several dice as their central component, and even though there are not the most popular casino games, the thrill of throwing the dice is exceptional. You can find these games at almost every online casino and the selection is excellent. Casino dice games can be action games or strategic games, and they include craps, hazard, backgammon, Sic Bo, bitcoin dice games, liar’s dice, and many others.


Craps is easily the most played casino dice game, and after you master the Pass Line bet, the rules of this game will be simple and easy. The main goal is to bet on the total that the two dice that you or someone else will be throwing will land. The person who’s throwing the dice is a shooter and usually, they can choose 2 dice out of 5 that are presented to theme.

There are marked sections of the layout where players place their bets using chips. There is a Pass Line and Don’t Pass line on the layout for each round. The numbers that appear on the dice after the shooter throws it will determinate wheatear a player loses or wins. After the first throw, a player can lose or win its bet or move into the next round, in which he or she has to land a certain point number. The game will end if the shooter lands number 7.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo or “big and small” dice game comes from an ancient China, and it’s played with three dice. The fact that it’s still so popular shows how entertaining this game really is. You can find it at many online casinos all around the world, not only in Asia.

This game is played with 3 dice, and a table with odds and payouts on it. The player will place their bet on the marked area of the table and the dealer will pick up a small chest with the dice in it. They will close it, shake it, and finally, open the chest to reveal the numbers. The most exciting thing about this game is the fact that you have so many options to bet on. Sic Bo is a game primarily based on probability and you can bet on the exact number combo that you believe the dice will land on, number ranges, exact numbers, and much more.


This popular board and dice game is around for about 5,000 years old now, which is pretty impressive. It’s played with two dice which are used to lead a player to their goal. Two players have fifteen pieces (checkers) each and they need to move them between 24 triangles (points) until they move all of them off the board.

The player who manages to do that first will win this exciting game. In Backgammon, you need to use strategy and not only rely on your luck, which comes from the rolling dice. Even though the outcome of an individual game depends on the dice, the result of many games is determined by the strategy, just like in poker. Players are able to raise the stake during the game if they think it’s a smart thing to do.


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