Quick Guide to Casino Deposit Methods

Quick Guide to Casino Deposit Methods
Your quick guide to safe and reliable methods to use to deposit money with online casinos

The expansion of online gambling is unquestionable, but there are still some people who are not sure whether to step into this world or not because they don’t believe in the reliability of casino deposit methods. People are very sensitive when it comes to sharing their financial information, and for a good reason, but generally, casino deposit methods are very similar to online shopping methods and at least equally as safe. In the following article, we will explain some of those methods that have proven to be safe and reliable over the years.

Credit Cards

This method is very popular and online casinos around the world use MasterCard and Visa options most frequently. It’s important to know that gambling transactions differ depending on the bank policy. Some transactions will be denied and some will be rejected at the same website. That’s why you should try with different options until you find the one that’s best for you. Gambling transactions still don’t have uniform categorization in banks and that’s the main issue. With a bit of luck and patience, you can find the credit card and the online casino website that are completely compatible.

Banking Accounts

Another valid casino deposit method is a banking account. Funding an online gambling account from your bank account may require more time than two previous methods, but it’s also a very common method. There are a few ways you can use this method and one of them is e-check. Electronic check is a payment method made via the Internet or some other data network. Unlike e-check, using wire transfer method allows you to transfer your money from one bank account to another. You can also deposit money via online banking system, which is the fastest method because your money is directly transferred from a website to your bank account.


E-wallet or digital wallet is very practical and convenient for online gamblers. This online service will allow you to make electronic transactions so you don’t have to withdraw the money from your credit card every time. Your money can be spent online and you can also transfer it to your credit card. PayPal is the most used e-wallet globally and almost every licensed website has this payment option in the offer, but it’s not the case with gambling websites. Alternatives to this popular method in the world of online gambling are Skrill and Neteller. Skrill is right next to PayPal when it comes to frequently used e-wallets and Netteler is known for its services in the online gambling sector.

Prepaid Options

In case you want to keep your financial information to yourself and bypass the involvement of your bank account or revealing your credit card online, you can use prepaid options. All you need to do is purchase a card or a voucher for online casino depositing. The purchases can also be made in cash, so you don’t even have to have a credit card or a bank account. Ukash is very popular voucher system in the United Kingdom, and it can be bought from ATM’s or local vendors. By using its 19-digit code, you can purchase at online casinos and many other sites.


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